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On the other side of the fence there is permission for chaos, in other places, other rules apply. Objects are scattered, stacked together or the wind has moved it from its place, in between you can find plants peaking. Perhaps there are delays in the project, nature is always around the corner.

The lost coffee cups have become many, they have scattered around in unlikeliest places. The coffee is free so there is no obstacle for a fresh new coffee now and then.

This is an adult playground, a sandbox for castles and loaders. It’s surreal.

There they stack all their blocks and in the end, they will become a house.

I made my own blocks to build with.

Fenced areas and construction sites are the inspiration for this exhibition. Pipes, rails, and other unknown things for the person who looks in from the outside spark new ideas of forms and moments that could belong inside the fence and to their workers. For the persons passing by these areas, they feel surreal and freeing

from their structured and sometimes predictable daily lives.

Helga Páley Friðþjófsdóttir graduated from the Icelandic University of the Arts 2011 from the fine art department. Drawing is Helga’s preferred medium inside/outside the paper, in various forms and methods. Helga lives and works in Reykjavík.


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