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Múrverkið / The Concrete is Abstract

“The construction has begun. Our understanding is set in stone. We mold imagery and form perception. We deconstruct each element, revealing it, brick by brick. We portray the clash between the concrete and the abstract.” Krot & Krass consists of Björn Loki and Elsa Jónsdóttir. Their work explores language: typography, words and allusions. They reflect on reading in a broader sense and analyse the ability to share complex ideas and experiences through marks on a surface. Recently they have focused on Höfðaletur, the only original Icelandic typeface. It dates back to the 16th century and was traditionally used for wood carvings. Höfðaletur can be quite indecipherable and its use and development has been mystified. Krot & Krass emphasise on changing their surroundings and their work is widely seen in the public space. Accompanying the exhibition is a 54 page research file, silk-screen printed in 100 copies, published by Les Éditions Cométe (FR)


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