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The Icelandic hnallþóra is a phenomenon that appeared in Iceland in the first part of the twentieth century. It was a craft, an art object that stood at the center of every housewife's banquet table, a crown jewel, a visual national treasure. Bringing elegance to the table, for friends and family alike.

Hnallþórur are large and decorated cakes that were often decorated with canned colorful fruit and it was common for the whipped cream to be artistically sprayed on with specially made syringes that created beautiful patterns.

Sigurrós Guðbjörg Björnsdóttir and Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir are on a research expedition; they immerse themselves in the history of Icelandic food and baking traditions and try to find the new role in the ever-changing landscape of Icelandic food culture.

The exhibition Hnallþóran is the first presentation of their research, still in progress. It presents experiments of the hnallþóra as an art object, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.

July 2019 - Húsið Patreksfjörður


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