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Land Mermaids - Gallery Svigrúm

drawing, sculpture, and print installation.

Duo show by Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia & Martina Priehodová

14th april - 13th of mai 2023

"As the sea covers the last bit of land left, the land mermaids have no choice but to return to where they came from, leaving behind nothing but their empty carapace.

Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia & Martina Priehodová started collaborating in 2022, after discovering their shared connection to watery beings and minerals. Julie's drawings of melancholic chunks of landscape, sparked an idea of collaboration and things started rapidly evolving after Martina made a sculpture, an eerie ecosystem scanner, referencing one of the drawings.

Tying their flow together, Land Mermaids were born.

// New-age trolls calcified into rocks... ...they were too melancholic and forgot to hide before sunrise. //

Manifesting their tangible existence and celebrating their brutal beauty, Land Mermaids Relics are to be seen at Svigrúm.


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