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"Peeking Through the Keyhole"

 is an installation made of three series of work.

The installation is about mindset samplings, explored through different mediums. Or a reflection on how to preserve what is ephemeral, such as a feeling, a state of mind, a moment lived...

“cluster - topographic psychology”

linseed oil, oil paint & acrylic on found plywood

This ongoing series of painting and material explorations are the documentation of happenings.

A collection of intuitive mindsets, moments frozen in time.
The different materials, colors, and layers suggest an inner state of mind. The thoughts, (or mindset) only exist at a given time, in a given mind, in the present, it is ephemeral. Yet it has left a mark.

The paintings on found plywood sheets are the only physical proof or leftovers from this particular moment in time.

Yet they can act as tools or passageways to re-enter that mind-space. If given enough time and curiosity, viewers can enter these windows and explore these spaces, on the verge of imagination, perception, and beliefs.

"cluster - 3mm per week" 

veneered oak frame, glass, human hair

“I dived my fingers in the soft pile of loose hair from a year ago. For a split second, time did not exist, and I was facing my younger self,”

How much can we read in each millimeter. Hair are a memento mori, and constant reminder of passing time.

But in the series, the change of colors and the quantity of hair also touch upon the idea of identity , personal change and literal growth.

An archive of mundane commodity, charged with emotional, intimate and personal content.

“going (back)”

sound piece with serigraphy on concrete in situ

the sound piece acts as a guide to navigate through the 2 other series of work.

it should be listened to through a headset, as an intimate mediation through time and meditative, contemplative state of mind.

sound available here => sound

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