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“Be/longing” three-channel video installation.

along with "floating watery thoughts on longing and belonging" a small riso print leaflet for people to drop in their pocket, bring home or read in the bus and reflect.

In “be/longing” Julie Sjöfn attempts to build an interspecies connection by entering the shallow waters of the goldfish pond. Immersing her body in this habitat, she establishes a dialogue beyond the boundaries of language. Their permeable scales and skin exchange through a shared body of water, immersed in ripples of movement and sound frequencies, as an experiment of making kin without articulation or comprehension. Could this encounter entangle them in a  common unknown future?

Text by Agnes Ársælsdóttir


As part of “Epiphytes” site-specific exhibition at the botanical garden of Reykjavik, 1-10th April 2023

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