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Installation of moving images & living sculpture & soundscape

Video projection, steel, agar solution, and living organisms.

"Spaces are never empty, even if they are. In the seemingly vacant lighthouse, Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia is on a search for hidden life. Under the microscope, she examined samples from the inside of Gróttuviti that she took with as little invasion as possible. Without trying to categorize what she is seeing, she recognizes the beautiful and fascinating world that opens up. With a living sculpture, Julie lets us take part in her discovering process. In the video work “land-scape-land-scope”, we dive into visuals that could be anything, while realizing that this is happening at this moment, all around and within us – we are part of it."

Text by Iona Jasija Poldervaart, curator


As part of “15 nautical miles” site-specific exhibition at the lighthouse on Grotta island. 22th-29th of april 2023

"land-scape-land-scope" at Grótta lighthouse
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