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Cyclic Mechanisms, Sprouts and Spit

Installation of various sculptures.
Steel, clay, sound recording from the artist’s body, water and seeds harvested in the city of Reykjavik, and macroscopic video recording of the said ecosystems.

Where Water Meet the Land 3

Steel, blown glass, ecosystems made from collected fresh water from Vatnsmýri and Tjörnin (December 2023)

In the woven net of existence, each spur fits into the next. The mechanics of life choreograph a delicate dance of biological processes, forging rhizomatic networks of interspecies relationships. This intricate web casts shadows of curiosity upon the fluid and speculative boundaries that differentiate Humans from Nature.


The works presented in this exhibition are a sensuous experience calling for a more-than-rational response, there is no right or wrong, nothing needs to be understood, but rather felt, using intuitive intelligence in order to make sense of natural intricacies.

Taking a sip of water; it glides through to my stomach, and make me aware of the variety of lives that I carry in the ocean that my body is, a small ecosystem. I influence its microbiome and it influences me back, in a song of reciprocity. There is no I or them, but rather the some of us all, co-existing.

Constantly processing a multitude of data and nutrients, as a means to stay afloat as a machine. Without any apparent control of my own, life sprouts in the most unexpected places.

I feel like an algae at the bottom of the sea, gently nudged by the currents, held by the water, protected by the very environment that birthed me. Yet, should this ecosystem forsake me, I remain anchored in this ambiguous realm of compelled reliance.

As Part of "tracing roots" in Nýlistasafn, Living Art Museum, Curated by Birta Guðjónsdóttir

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