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Monologue with Reachable Depth

Island inhabitants are paradoxically blessed, yet limited by the ocean; a constant dynamic of push and pull, rooted in the depth of the sea and culture. The current state of urgency is an opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and reflections: how to connect, nurture and empathize? How can we preserve and care, appreciate and acknowledge, respect and proclaim?

Should we make sense of what does not, see beyond our human perception, and listen to the thickness of silence? “Monologue with Reachable Depth” is a form of hope, harvesting fragile beauty, and celebrating what was given to us: a beautiful, fertile, and nurturing ground. 

Shot in Hjalteyri on mini-DV cam. Sound piece made with on-site recording and studio recording

8'40'' video, text and sound piece.

shown at Vetrarhátið 2-4 Feb 2023 in public space on Lækjartorg, downtown Reykjavík

shown in MENGI 2-3 March 2023 

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