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Camilla Patricia Reuter

Body is an exhibition about bereavement, the process of grieving and accepting a loved one’s death. After walking in circles through denial, anger, bargaining and depression, one eventually starts to seek atonement. Atonement with oneself and with the person who has been lost, which opens a window for overcoming the traumatic loss. The French-Bulgarian philosopher Julia Kristeva writes about grief and depression: “The sadness that overwhelms us, the retardation that paralyzes us, are also a shield—sometimes the last one—against madness”.x

Camilla’s works are influenced by her sound knowledge in art history, feminist theory and psychoanalysis. Her carnal paintings capture the incorporeal and question the age-old mind/body dualisms associated with gender. Intense colours and twisted bodies reveal desire, angst, melancholy, and love in their most private forms. Her pictures are often biographical, narrating intimate moments and unabashed sexuality. The exposed bodies on canvas engage the observer on a personal level, offering an aesthetic experience beyond the pleasures of everyday eroticism: a realm of desolate beauty and contradicting subjectivities.

Short Bio:

Camilla Patricia Reuter (b.1991) graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2017 with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Born and raised in Tampere, Finland, Camilla was born to a Russian father and a Finnish mother. She has lived and worked in Reykjavik for the past five years with her husband and a two-year-old son. Before moving to Iceland, the artist studied Art History at the European University of St. Petersburg, after which she moved to work in Berlin for 18 months. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Art Theory from the University of Iceland, while attending classes in 3D Art at Margmiðlunarskólinn.


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