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"Do They Dream of Astronauts Robots ?"

Intimate screening of the film of Sarah del Pino , french visual artist. In the introduction, the voices in the music by Agnès Noël and the colors in the images shot by Sarah Del Pino are probably the last traces of humanity you’ll experience before entering this dairy-cows farm managed by computer softwares. Under the esthetic of a science fiction film, we discover a microcosm made by human being and yet deserted by the latter. The boundary between the natural and the artificial gets blurred : born in this world, these domestic cows evolve in their «natural» environment. Such as creatures in the shadow, they continually produce our future milk consumption. Locked in a shed, where only a field separates them from our society.

Duration: 25 min This film is the property of Frac Auvergne


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