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SPARKSPLUG series 2022

"Everyone has to be slightly unhappy"

group exhibition MA1

"Peeking Through the Keyhole" is an installation made of three series of works.

“I dived my fingers in the soft pile of loose hair from a year ago. For a split second, time did not exist, and I was facing my younger self,”

The installation is about mindset samplings, explored through different mediums. Or a reflection on memory, change, and time, how to preserve what is ephemeral, such as a feeling, a state of mind, a moment lived...

These 3 series of works invite us to pause and dive into a meditative and self-reflective space.

Participating artists :

Camilla Ceroni

Galadriel Gonzalez Romero

Jiayan Chen

Jette Dalsgaard

Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia

Martina Priehodová

Nele Karlotta

Sumu Laakso

Corinna J. Duschl

Málna Mozsolits

Tom Brabant


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