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Epiphytes - Botanical garden of Reykjavik 2023

April 1st-11th

The exhibition is a collaboration between MA students at the Iceland University of the Arts and MA students in curatorial studies at the University of Iceland.

Eleven artists display their artworks and invite guests to step into the intangible world of the garden where different types of plants, animals and people meet. The artworks are like epiphytes that appear in the spring, but are removed before they take hold, not intending to disturb the cycle of the organisms found around it. Like moss on a stone, lichens on a bark or sludge on the bottom of a goldfish pond.


Camilla Cerioni Camilla Patricia Reuter Corinna J. Duschl Galadriel González Romero Jette Dalsgaard Jiayan Chen Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia Martina Priehodová Málna Mozsolits Nele Karlotta Berger Sumu Laakso


Agnes Ársælsdóttir Daria Testoedova Hannah Zander María Margrét Jóhannsdóttir


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