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Within a Stone's Throw - Sept. 2022

Group show in Hjalteyri.

"The quite outlandish thought crossed my mind that these things, the kindling, the jiffybags, the fruit preserves, the seashells and the sound of the sea within them had all outlasted me"


»»»  "However Lost Or Forgotten, Everything in It Exists For Ever"

Series of 2 works on paper

Oil painting & colored pencil

»»» "She Sat Next to Me and Asked If I Ever Doubt What I See"

From video and sound installation

Participating artists :

Camilla Ceroni

Galadriel Gonzalez Romero

Jiayan Chen

Jette Dalsgaard

Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia

Martina Priehodová

Nele Karlotta

Sumu Laakso

Corinna J. Duschl

Málna Mozsolits

Tom Brabant


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